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Nero came to me as an 8-month-old pup, bright and affectionate, but skittish and fearful – which rapidly turned into fear aggression. In fact, on the day of his first assessment at RR Professional Dog Training, he bluff charged Tony with bared teeth and a ridge of raised hackles down his entire back. It was a tough few months: Nero did not tolerate bicycles, cows, leaves blowing in the wind, or fast movement by anyone in our household. Car rides were horrible and walks were intense, but I believed this dog’s heart to be kind and careful and began a campaign keep him with me or a family member 24/7 for the next four months. Ram and Tony gave me the tools and confidence to show Nero that he was safe and to reinforce behaviors that helped Nero let go of his fear and aggression. Our entire family went into training, and Nero is now (as you can see from his smile) a safe, contented, orderly guy! He is still young and spirited and requires lots of exercise and reminders that not everyone wants to play with him, but he no longer scares people and has become the mailman’s favorite dog. I am so grateful for the kind, firm, and informed training we received at RR! As is Nero, who now can live without fear!
Jana & Nero
Hi my name is Nala – I am a 4 1/2 year old Shepard/Husky/Border Collie/Lab mix living with my owner Shandeen. From puppyhood I have lived a fear based life. My owner tried so hard to help me. She socialized me in puppy class, two different basic training academies, dog park, etc. I tried to overcome my fear, but I wanted to chase cars, leash aggressive, barking and downright craziness. My owners anxiety also rubbed off on me. Then the day came: a month long dog training camp at the best training academy ever. I learned to trust, gained confidence and learned skills that stimulated my boredom. I love learning, and I have improved in my behaviors. Sometimes I slip into old ways – but we continue our training, and I continue to learn with my owner. Ram and his great team have helped me become the dog I am meant to be. I highly recommend to my friends these dog training programs and kennel.
I began with a 4 year old Golden Retriever with a mind of his own. Spencer ignored me when outdoors. If I called, he would run to the neighbors, then we had a game of catching him and dragging him home. On walks he would smell something dead in the woods, and I would crawl through the woods and drag him back by the collar. After training with Ram, Spencer stays as close to me as I wish. If he starts to wander, I can call him back and he comes immediately. On walks, he stays with me and is not distracted by the smells in the woods. I feel like I have a new dog.
Don & Spencer
I have been meaning to send an e-mail to update you on our wonderful dog Tom-Tom. It is hard to believe that he has been a part of our family for only one year this Spring. We couldn’t have asked for a better fit. He is so gentle, loving, obedient and makes us feel safe. He now enjoys his walks and is no longer terrified when a vehicle passes, but his favorite walks are down the river where he can run, and run, and run. When we received Tom from you he was just learning how to play and didn’t really know what to do with a ball. Well, since his exposure to all of the children around here he has found the joy of play and now even plays by himself with his stuffed animals and tennis balls. Such joy to watch. I want to Thank You for the work that you do, it sure has had made a big difference in our lives.
Kim, Sara, & Tom-Tom
Lucy is doing GREAT in the new house. Has not been on a leash since we moved in. They’re are a few dogs that roam around and she has done great with them and listening great! She has not ran off once. We are very pleased with the way she is acting.
Jamie & Lucy
Erik and I would like to thank you for helping us better understand and manage the behaviors of our dog, Quill. We feel that through your group training classes Quill has learned to become more obedient and calm when dealing with new stimuli. We are less apprehensive to bring her around other dogs and feel you have taught us the necessary tools to correct her behaviors on our own. We especially liked how each of your classes didn’t follow a script but was set up to help the specific dogs in that class. We hope to continue to build on what she has already learned.
Elaine, Erik, & Quill
Ram, just want to take this opportunity to say thanks for all the time spent in preparing Boone for his AKC hunt tests. Your ability to prepare an animal and its owners to perform at the level needed to succeed is appreciated. As avid hunters we couldn’t be more pleased with the results we have seen while in the field. Looking forward to the next steps in this process.
Mike & Patrick Miller
JAKE IS WONDERFUL! For the first time I (gulp!) let him run free in a vacant park. He ALWAYS recalled! And this while being distracted with all kinds of wonderful scents under the snow. What a goof-ball! And he lways responded to ‘leave it!’ He still pesters Sammy. I think that his predator-prey genes are going to take some time to totally over come. But Jake is a great, adorable, loving dog. I am so lucky! And thank you, Ram for being a wonderful trainer.
Dave & Jake
Xena, our new Chessie pup, began Basic Obedience & Retriever training with Ram’s program in mid-October at 3 months old. It was the best decision we made. Ram’s patience and program is helping Xena socialize and become a well-behaved pup, and it’s also teaching us how to read our pup’s behaviors. We’ve spent two months in the programs and hope to return soon to continue training! Thanks Ram for the commitment and guidance you give to all the dogs who have come through your programs!
Betty, Kelly, & Xena Fleissner
Holly Cow, thanks for transforming Shiggy from a puppy to a dog at your in-kennel training. We could not be more pleased knowing he was well cared for and jumped light years in obedience. We will be sure to see you again! Thanks a million!
Bill Gange & Family
A friend referred me to Ram for some obedience training for Blue so that we could start doing some retriever training. Blue and I have been successfully training with Ram for over a year now and with Ram’s calm and positive way of training, Blue made great improvements. Within a couple of months Blue had advanced so well that we also started agility classes. Blue can be a sensitive dog with a high drive and sometimes that can make training difficult. Ram however works wonders with dogs, of all types and attitudes, and everything just seems to “click”. If one method doesn’t work for Blue, Ram comes up with another way that will. Ram has been great to work with, especially in helping us get ready for shows – he truly wants our dogs to succeed. When Blue and I attend a show, I feel confident that we will do the best job we can. Our Blue is accomplishing things that I never thought possible! It has been said that “you should take your dog to obedience classes, you both might learn something”. That is absolutely true with Ram. Both Blue and I have learned a lot. We are really going to miss him when he moves – he will be very hard to replace.
Heide & Blue BN CD
Started training with Ram a little over a year ago. My Boxer Bella was a handful and I was really struggling with my previous trainer. Within the first few months I could not believe she was the same dog. With Ram’s expert training we are becoming a team. Bella enjoys her training sessions very much. Ram makes sure each class is informative and never the same. Which is very important for a Boxer. This summer we started competing in Obedience and have our first title in Rally. I feel I have learned so much from our training sessions and being a dog groomer, feel he has also made my job a little easier because I understand the canine world a lot better.?
Debbie Olsen & Bella RN BN
I started training dogs for competitive obedience many years ago. I now have a young son and recently got a German shepherd puppy. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to give my new puppy the socialization and time he needed when he was young. Ram came highly recommended by a friend who knows someone who goes to his classes. I signed up for class but wasn’t able to attend regularly. Ram offered to take my dog and socialize him for me because it was something the dog needed. Not only does Ram know dogs, but he truly cares about them. He is willing to go the extra mile to do what is best for the dogs and their owners. I’ve trained with a lot of different people over the years, and been friends with many of them. Ram is one of the best dog people and trainers I’ve known.?
Samantha Lindenbaum & Brody
Oliver is a very intelligent and agile Schnauzer. He had earned his CGC, two legs of his Beginners Novice title, two legs on Novice Agility and one leg on JWW agility. Oliver came in first place in two of his agility legs. Oliver and his owner Klair are working towards completing his NA and BN titles.
Klair & Oliver
After trying several techniques to curtail nipping, pulling, dominating and overall loss of control in our home we decided that it was time to find a good trainer. Ram came highly recommended and after the first couple of sessions with Ram we saw immediate improvement. Working with Ram helped us recognize that we were working against his natural intelligent abilities to learn. Now that we are consistent and combine correction along with praise and encouragement Reagan knows what to expect. I would highly recommend Ram to anyone with a dog whose owners need help bringing out the best there is in them.
Reagan, The Shea family Siberian Husky – NAID (Native American Indian dog)
Pickles is a very sweet young Bergamasco. She is a great family and obedience dog. Pickles had earned her CD title coming in first place and earning the highest score in the ring at one of her shows.
Lori & Mrs Pickles CD
Ram is a wonderful dog trainer and besides having all the professional certifications, he really nows his stuff! As a dog trainer myself, specifically for performance retrievers, I was extremely happy to have found Ram for obedience, rally, tracking and agility. He has opened up a new world of possibilities for my dogs to train. Ram has a gentle and patient way of training; not only handling the dogs but also in teaching the owners how to handle their dogs. Since meeting Ram, I have referred several friends who owned dogs with behavioral problems and he has worked with the owners to rehabilitate their dogs to be good citizens and social animals who are not afraid of their surroundings, people, and other dogs. I have traveled outside of the area to find a good obedience trainer and was disappointed in the training methods and philosophies – and down right felt that the sessions were a waste of money. However, with Ram, I always learn something new. I see a difference in my dogs working attitudes. So, whether or not your dog has any issues..or not, I highly recommend participating in the Ram Reizel training classes; my husband enjoyed hearing about the classes and how much fun the dogs and I were having that he started going and now the “whole” family participates in Ram’s training sessions. Also, Ram is great in encouraging owners to strive to be better handlers and he helps mold better behaved dogs.
Kim Schiller – Retriever dog trainer & owner of Diesel, Tuffy, & Adam
We are a small retriever rescue group here in Orange County. We take kill shelter dogs from the south, rescue, rehabilitate and then re-home them . It is a struggle to find a qualified dog trainer that truly knows that they are doing to assist us in our efforts. We have used them all and until Ram, we thought all hope was lost. Some trainers were good with one issue but not the other or they didn’t work well with certain breeds. We finally found Ram when we moved out to OC. Suddenly everything changed for us. Any dog…and I mean ANY dog, he was able to help. Ram has an easy going personality and there is no “magic” or “mystery” in his training. It is all common sense. Once he can get the handler to think like the dog instead of like a human, everything clicks. We highly recommend Ram to EVERY DOG OWNER!!!!!!!?
Jennifer Migdal, President of OCC All retrievers Rescue & the owner of Pilot & Maverick
One of the great things about how Ram works is his patience and genuine caring. He’s never looking at the clock and in fact, since there were no sessions after us in the morning, he often went well over the hour. He’s extremely accommodating and is great about returning emails and calls. Ram has so much experience and knowledge that any new thing I bring up, he’s able to address. Everything is organic. There’s no sheet he’s working off. And he takes things out of the “classroom”, and into the streets. He’s used his own dogs to help with the training of real life scenarios. The trainings have helped us bond to another degree. I cant say enough about how much Ram has helped me have a good, obedient dog, while keeping her as affectionate, sweet, confident and playful as ever. I love this dog more than anything, and it feels good knowing that I am doing it right this time.
Lauren & Neko
Our Black Labrador puppy, Dexter, recently spent a month at R &R for advanced obedience training. Beyond any doubt, this was the best investment that we have made, resulting in a dramatic improvement of our pup. Primary Trainer, Tony Chapman, was an absolutely outstanding professional to work with and provided the best in customer service. Each time we visited R & R to see Dexter, Tony was very helpful in explaining and showing Dexter’s progress, along with giving us detailed instructions as to what we should do when Dexter came home. Tony also stayed in contact with us via phone and text to update us on Dexter’s improvements. In addition, we were extremely impressed with the R & R boarding facility, which, in our opinion, is the best there is. In fact, when we have to travel in the future, we will always be boarding Dexter at R & R. For any dog owner who wants the very best in premier quality canine training, we wholeheartedly recommend consideration of R & R Professional Dog Training. Indeed, R & R helped us, and Dexter, immeasurably. Thanks so very much to Tony, Ram, and the other team members of R & R … you folks are the best!!!!

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