Upland hunting program

Upland Hunting Program for all breeds

Upland hunting program

Our upland hunting program is designed to bring out your puppy’s natural hunting and retrieving instincts. Your dog stays in our kennel for 2-3 months, during which they gets three training sessions per day, works on their on- and off-leash obedience, and learn how to work with their nose to find, flush, follow, and retrieve game. Additionally, you will learn the proper skills to work with your dog as a team. At RR, we will transform your dog into a reliable hunting companion. The program is tailored for your specific needs and breed. The number of dogs is limited, so please contact us to a reserve your spot.

  • Gunfire conditioning
  • Live game birds
  • Hunting, quartering and casting in the field
  • Collar conditioning
  • Steady to wing
  • Steady to shot

For boarding and training dial 218-384-1888. Your best friend deserves the best!

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